Aragorn stands in readiness in front of the army. (The Eye of Sauron whispers his name to him.)
EYE OF SAURON: Aragorn! (Aragorn moves forward seeming mesmerised.) Elessar! (Aragorn’s sword arm drops to his side. He turns and looks at Gandalf, who holds up Frodo’s mithril shirt for him to see. Aragorn smiles.)
ARAGORN: For Frodo. 
He raises his sword and runs forward towards the Orc army. Pippin and Merry shout and run after him, their swords raised. The rest of the army start to run towards the Orcs. They quickly overtake the Hobbits. Aragorn reaches the Orcs and smashes into them slashing with his sword. The two armies collide in a fierce battle.